Apple Releases Notices About Other Forms of Payment on iOS


Apple confirmed this Thursday (26) that it will promote a series of unprecedented changes in its App Store policies. From now on, developers who maintain apps in the iOS webstore can communicate with consumers to let them know that they can make subscription payments and microtransactions using other methods beyond the App Store.

This type of contact can be carried out through forms such as email and require the prior consent of the user, who must also be able to cancel the sending of these messages. Developers still can’t use their own payment method within iOS, but the change already guarantees a way to redirect users outside of the store’s tools, which require payment of fees.

In addition, the App Store search will continue to show features like downloads, rating and user behavior for at least three years. The process of appealing if an app is rejected on the platform will be maintained and, from now on, a transparency report on apps and developers will be published annually by the company. Finally, a small developer incentive fund will also be created to help newcomers to the industry.

Why is it important?

This flexibility was heavily requested by many developers, but was only announced because of a lawsuit. These changes were all combined as part of an agreement between Apple and a group of developers, which sued the brand in 2019 on charges of too high fees, minimum price barrier for apps and abuse of market power.

The fight over the absence of notices from Apple about the possibility of using alternative payment methods is one of the points of dispute between Apple and Epic Games, whose action has not yet reached a verdict.

In addition, Apple is also being investigated in more than one country for anti-competitive practices and store monopoly.


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