Apple Releases New Beta Version Of iOS And iPadOS For Developers


Apple: Two weeks after the release of iOS 15 beta 4, Apple today released the fifth beta for iOS, iPadOS and tvOS developers, leaving out watchOS and macOS. iOS version 15 promises new features focused on reducing distractions and is expected to be officially released in October, along with the next iPhone.

Unlike public betas, made available to common users, this beta is specifically for application developers on these platforms to adapt their products to the new version of iOS and thus avoid possible bugs. To do this, registered developers can download the profile for iOS and iPadOS betas from the Apple Developer Center, and once the profile is installed, beta updates will be available.

Updates for this release include changes to FaceTime, Focus, Safari, Spotlight, as well as privacy improvements with the inclusion of a new report that will let users know how often apps access sensitive information and an email tool that hides the IP address.

FaceTime has a revamped interface and the SharePlay feature – which makes it possible to listen to music, watch videos and share your screen with friends. In Focus it is possible to create personalized notification modes, hiding apps and specific notifications when the user is working, studying or even spending time with family, allowing a greater concentration on the activity in question.

Safari supports Tab Groups, to separate tabs by name and color, improving organization, and has released extensions for iOS devices. Wallet will make it possible to add hotel key cards and smart home locks.

The changes in Spotlight made the feature more customizable, finally, Photos will now have a feature called “Live text”, which will allow you to take a photo of textual content – ​​such as a book or receipt – and translate it into typed text on the iPhone, in addition to being able to identify landmarks, books, animals and even plants so that the user can get more information about that species.


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