Apple Releases iOS 13.3.1 Update That Fixes Some Errors


Apple continues to release updates for iOS 13, the latest version of the iOS operating system. IOS and iPadOS 13.3.1 released for location privacy error caused by U1 Ultra Broadband chip and an error in Communication Limits feature.

Apple continues to keep the iOS 13 operating system, which it released in September, up-to-date and secure with updates. iOS 13.3, which is the previous update of iOS 13, has brought some mistakes besides its innovations. The now released iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1 update resolves these errors.

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max models came with the U1 Ultra Broadband chip. The U1 Ultra Broadband chip enabled iPhone 11s to see both their location and the location of the iPhone around them, and easily send files to iPhone around them with AirDrop. However, with the iOS 13.3 update , it was understood that the U1 Ultra Broadband chip was tracking the user’s location even if the location service was disabled.

With iOS 13.3, Apple introduced a new feature to iPhone users called Communication Limits. With the Limits of Communication, parents can limit their children’s phone usage . However, after the new feature was released, it was understood that it had a vulnerability.

Apple fixes bugs instead of bringing new features with its latest update

The Communication Limits feature prevented children from searching for people who were not registered in the guide. However , it was discovered that this feature was disabled when the Contacts list on iPhone was not synchronized with iCloud .

Apple has corrected the location error of the U1 Ultra Broadband chip and the Contacts error of the Contact Limits feature with the new update iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1 . In addition to the 13.3.1 update, an e-mail error that could prevent the images from being uploaded to the mail and an error that would prevent the notifications from being resolved were resolved.

The iOS 13.3.1 update allows some bugs to be resolved while at the same time adding the “Replay” button to the TV app to watch the previously watched content.

In addition to the errors mentioned above , the lag issue in the photo application Deep Fusion in the iPhone 11s , even if the Upload Remote Images feature is disabled, the problem of loading the photos, FaceTime can use the ultra wide camera instead of the wide camera, and some errors have been solved with the update.

You can use the Settings section of your iPhone to install the iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1 update released by Apple . If you have an iPhone that continues to receive update support, you can install the update immediately.


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