Apple Releases Child-Focused ‘Apple for Kids’ Feature


Apple has begun to feature a new feature called ‘Apple for Kids’, which allows parents to transact about family groups from one place, on its official website.

Apple, one of the technology giants, has added the “Apple For Kids” feature to its official websites, which will allow parents to access family services through a single portal.

With this feature, parents can access the devices they own and their children have, the services and services they have purchased from a single point, allows the management of family accounts, and offers solution-oriented methods to families when children accidentally buy something.

Parents will be able to access all services through a single portal

Apple For Kids feature is currently not available in the Apple’s official site, but we expect Turkey recently focused on children and their parents to come to our country in this property. Through the Apple For Kids tab, users can access solutions to the problems they often encounter from a single point.

Among these problems are situations such as children forgetting their Apple credentials or buying something incorrectly. Apple For Kids also guides parents on how to include their kids’ new devices in the family group, showing how “Ask to Buy” will work.


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