Apple Releases 5 Hours 20 Minutes iPhone 11 Ad


Apple has released a very striking ad for the iPhone 11. The focus of the advertisement was the battery life of the iPhone 11.

One of the most important things for smartphone users is the battery life of the phones. After all, regardless of the features, a smartphone that requires plugging every few hours is not a phone that anyone would prefer.

Companies that produce thousands of pounds of flagship phones such as Apple and Samsung also make different advertisements at this point. After all, we all want phones to charge until we get home in the evening, which means several hours of intensive use.

“Long-length” advertisement from Apple
Apple uses the Hermitage museum as a scene in its advertisement. St. We witness the beauty of the works in the advertisement shot in the original museum in St. Petersburg. There is also someone dancing in the middle, but we do not know why they are dancing in the museum. There is of course music in the background.

So far everything is normal, everything is proceeding as we expect it to be in an advertisement. Come on, it is not uncommon in the advertisement: The video takes 5 hours, 19 minutes and 28 seconds.

The entire video was shot in one go, and shooting such a long video without errors is a job in itself. The device used for this work is an iPhone 11. The phone, which uses only its own battery for the whole time, also shows how ambitious this area is.

Taking a single plan series with iPhone

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We need to rely on Apple’s promise that the production, which can be a 10-part series from 45 minutes on Netflix, if supported by various other shooting techniques, was shot with the iPhone 11 Pro.

It is certain that a story was told in the production, but to be honest Apple did not explain this scenario and we did not watch the whole shot. Lastly – the spoiler – only one person moves, and the rest look like sculptures, but we don’t have much idea of ​​what’s going on in between. You can watch the production below.


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