Apple Released More Games from the App Store in China


Apple is feeling the strain in relations between the US and China in a very concrete way. This tension, which puts millions of customers and manufacturing operations of the company at risk, seems to have produced a new result. According to The Information, the Chinese administration has begun to close some of the gaps that Apple has exploited in the past years. For this reason, it was stated that Apple had to remove thousands of games from the App Store in China, and it was stated that the current situation could also affect the future of the company in China.

The AppInChina site was the first to highlight that Apple released more than 47 thousand applications in the App Store in China this month. Until a while ago, the company was able to bring paid or in-app purchases to the App Store that were not approved by the authorities in China. However, with the latest change made by Apple, it was stated that the legal deficit that made this possible would not be exploited.

It should be noted that this is not the first change from Apple’s obligation to make its services in China. The company previously had to close iBookstore and iTunes Movies in China in April 2016 due to pressure from Chinese officials. This shutdown occurred six months after the services in question became operational in the country.

According to AppInChina’s report, Apple’s entire App Store operation in China is based on a legal gap. App stores in China are usually run by a Chinese company and a partnership of foreigners. However, this is not the case for the App Store. In addition, Apple does not share the source code of iOS with the Chinese administration. The company is negotiating to be exempted from this.

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