Apple Rejects Horoscope App For ‘Lack Of Creativity’


Apple: New apps are constantly being released with a lot of functionality in the Apple app store, but some are not very popular with the company. Recently, the Cupertino giant rejected a new Horoscope app that was trying to register in the App Store.

According to Apple, despite these applications being fun and informative, the store does not have space for all the tools available on the market. In fact, it already has thousands of software of the same style.

“We just have enough of these app formats in the App Store and they’re considered spam,” Apple revealed.

Denied for not having any differential

The WTFuture app, developed by Night Cat Productions, was the app denied by Apple. “I have bad news. Apparently, there are too many horoscope apps on the App Store, so WTFuture was rejected (twice). I’m really sorry,” revealed the developer on her Twitter profile.

One of the reasons for rejection is mainly due to the duplication of content and lack of creativity – there are already thousands of similar apps and the company does not want to include another one. And this isn’t the only software category that Apple has rejected, flashlight, fart and other applications no longer make it onto the platform.


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