Apple Registered Multiple “Apple One” Domains


Apple registers multiple domains for ‘Apple One’.

Just a day after the chains of Apple Music’s own Android app suggested that the company’s next subscription package will be called “Apple One,” Apple moved to register multiple domain names for the term.

The move further indicates that Apple One is likely to be the bundles’ trade name rather than a placeholder.

What is Apple One?

Apple is preparing a subscription that unifies several services of the company. We will see it this October along with the new family of iPhone 12, and that most likely its name will be Apple One.

While Apple will likely not end up approving many of the domain names, it is typical for the company to secure numerous variations to ensure that others are not in control of them.

Among the “Apple One” domain names registered by Apple yesterday:

The full contact information on domain registrations is redacted for privacy reasons, but given the large batch of domains and the fact that they all point to Apple’s nameservers, there is no doubt that the apple company is responsible for the records.

Apple has been able to register several less common versions of the Apple One domains, but has not yet controlled several of the more popular ones, such as and Both domains have been registered by others for more than a decade, and it remains to be seen if Apple will attempt to acquire them.

Apple may have some difficulties with, which is home to a fairly large employment agency, while is parked and listed as available for sale.

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Apple morphs and creates the Apple One bundles, which could appear as early as Tuesday’s event or alongside the new iPhones next month, will involve various tiers of Apple’s existing services offered at a slight discount.

A basic package is expected to offer ‌Apple Music‌ and ‌Apple TV‌ +, while a second tier will also include Apple Arcade. A third tier of package will include all of the aforementioned services along with Apple News +.

There will also be a higher tier including ‌‌Apple Music‌‌, ‌‌Apple TV‌‌ +, ‌‌Apple Arcade‌‌, ‌‌Apple News‌‌ +, and iCloud storage, and there may also be a new fitness-oriented service offering virtual fitness classes.


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