Apple References MacBook Pro With M1X Chip on YouTube


Apple: There was high anticipation earlier this week about the announcement of a new MacBook Pro with the supposed M1X chip during Apple’s WWDC 2021 event. And while the laptop didn’t appear among the attractions, some metadata attached to the main video of the annual developer conference show that the company did plan to launch it.

According to a tweet from content producer Max Balzer, the keyword tags of Apple’s official YouTube event video, which are a reference to what will be featured, clearly show the terms “m1x” and “M1X MacBook Pro “.

What is expected of the new MacBookPro

Rumors are that the next 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro will arrive already equipped with the new M1X processor, with eight high-performance cores and two energy-efficient cores. Both devices are expected with new Mini-LED screens, but the big attraction is even the new chip, which could support up to 64 GB of RAM and up to 32 GPU cores. That is, ready to fly.

Due to some supply chain issues such as global chip shortages, future MacBook Pros with the M1X are likely to be released only later in the year, perhaps at a media event in the fall, although they may come up. by surprise in the next two months.

Fact is, sometime before the WWDC took place, someone inside Apple planned to announce the new devices earlier this week.


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