Apple recognizes a failure in some AirPods Pro


Introduced 1 year ago in October 2019, the AirPods Pro are the most advanced version of Apple’s family of AirPod wireless headphones.

A redesigned model that among its novelties highlights an active cancellation system that uses two microphones combined with advanced software to continuously adapt to the anatomy of the ear of each user. This eliminates background noise so that the user can focus on what they are listening to.

In this way, AirPods Pro can create an equivalent anti-noise that cancels background noise before it is perceived by the user’s ear. But apparently, an indeterminate number of Pro units are having problems with precisely this feature, as recognized by Apple.

Problems with AirPods Pro

Apple has determined that “a small percentage of AirPods Pro may experience sound problems.” Specifically, the affected units are located among “those manufactured before October 2020”, and may present one or more of the following problems:

Crackling or static sounds that increase in noisy environments, with exercise, or while talking on the phone
Active noise cancellation does not work as expected, such as loss of bass or increased background sounds, such as noise from the street or airplane.

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