Apple received an explanation for iOS 13.5 error


There was a new development about iOS 13.5, the new iPhone operating system version Apple recently released. Accordingly, on iPhone models with iOS 13.5 installed, the error of accessing App Store applications started to appear, disturbing most users. New comment came from Apple for iOS 13.5 error.

iOS 13.5 App Store app access error fixed
With the iOS 13.5 error that appeared recently, most users had trouble accessing App Store apps. Some users who made the new update stated that they could not access many applications such as WhatsApp and YouTube.

Users who wanted to open the application affected by the error were seeing the iOS system error message before them. It was included in the warning that the application should be purchased through the App Store to access the relevant application, including free applications.

Apple officially made a statement today about the issue and announced that this problem, which is probably due to the Family Sharing system, has been resolved. The bug, which is resolved before any additional iOS updates are released, will remove most users’ stress and return to daily use.

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