Apple Proposes To LG To Sell IPhones In Its Stores In Korea


Apple is negotiating a partnership with LG Electronics to sell its products in Korea, using available spaces in more than 400 LG Best Shops, which became idle after the Korean company left the mobile phone market in April of this year.

The agreement, released today by the website Business Korea, based on the report of IT informant Tron, provides for the placement of employees of the US company in LG stores, and also the training of Korean employees in sales of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. The idea, at first, is that separate sections coexist for both companies.

According to information from Business Korea, a small setback may be hindering negotiations: Apple wants to take advantage of the space to sell its desired Macs as well. However, LG is still actively manufacturing and selling its own notebooks, and would not like to see its LG Gram line being sold side-by-side with MacBooks, iMacs or Macs Pros.

What does LG say?

Sought by the Korean website, LG Electronics did not deny the ongoing negotiations. However, a company spokesman said that “nothing has been decided yet” and that “all possibilities” are being explored. According to market analysts, it is possible that the consolidation of the agreement may only take place after the end of July, when LG definitely leaves the smartphone market.

It is also speculated that this partnership between Apple and LG may facilitate a broader negotiation, which involves the automaker Magna International, a partner of the Korean, in the supply of essential components for the manufacture of the future Apple Car.


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