Apple to Procure Intern Despite Coronavirus


The coronavirus epidemic, which affects the world, has a great impact on the economies of countries as well as its effects on human health. Due to the curfews and quarantine practices announced in many regions, many companies switched to work from home. It has been rumored that Apple has made a new decision to purchase trainees in the coming months.

The agenda of the whole world has been locked up to the coronavirus that has spread rapidly after it appeared in China, infecting millions of people and unfortunately causing thousands of casualties. This difficult process that we had to experience all together; companies that stopped their activities, unpaid leave for employees, and home working systems that were tried to get used to.

In order to protect against the negative effects of the virus, many companies took a series of measures to protect themselves and their employees from long-term economic damage. According to a new report published by the American news site Axios, large technology companies will continue to receive summer interns, although they have to close the offices and shops they operate in due to the coronavirus outbreak. One of the companies that are on the way to produce digital solutions for interns is Apple.

According to information from Axios, Apple plans to hire over 1,000 people, including online and face-to-face internship programs. Considering what the technology giant says, all the opportunities and privileges offered to the current employees due to the coronavirus outbreak will also be offered to the trainees. We can say that the internship process, which has important learning opportunities for students and the privilege of getting to know business life, will not be disrupted by at least large companies, has a pleasing effect.

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Large companies will continue their internship programs:
It is said that besides Apple, other big companies will also purchase for internship programs. It is reported that Google will pay trainees full fee, while Twitter will continue to create trainee staff this year, albeit by reducing the number compared to previous years.

There is news in the style that will please those who are waiting from the Microsoft front. The company will hire the largest trainee staff ever; the number spoken is more than 4 thousand. Giant companies like IBM, Uber, Amazon, Intel will continue to open internship classes.


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