Apple Prevented $ 1.5 Billion Robbery


Apple and Google do their best to keep these stores safe, it is not enough. Sometimes these companies are accused of not doing enough and not applying better control. Apple, wanting to show that this is not the case, shared its performance in 2020.

Apple’s 2020 App Store scorecard

Sharing its App Store scorecard, Apple struggled not only with the pandemic in 2020, but also with fraud. According to the statement, the company, which blocked the transaction involving a fraudulent transaction of 1.5 billion dollars, closed the accounts of 470 thousand developers in this process. The US technology giant, which prevented the use of 3 million stolen cards, closed the accounts of 244 million users for security reasons.

Explaining that security is their top priority, Apple announced that 215 thousand applications that applied were rejected because they did not comply with the App Store privacy policies. At the same time, 48 thousand applications were removed from the store forever. Thanks to the hidden features of these applications, it was determined that users were performing transactions without their permission.

However, despite all these measures, fraudsters managed to circumvent App Store security from time to time. Recently, an iPhone user lost his $ 600,000 Bitcoin to fraudsters. The fraudsters, who released a fake cryptocurrency wallet application with the same name as the original, disappeared by stealing the money of users who fell into their networks. It was announced that the company took measures to prevent such incidents from happening.


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