Apple pressed the button for the A14X processor


The production date for the A14X processor, which will be used in Apple’s next generation Mac and iPad Pro models, has become clear. The new processor is expected to be developed on a 5-nanometer architecture and to power new models as the product of an investment of $ 25 billion.

Apple sets the last quarter of the year for the A14X processor

Apple, which will produce its processors with its own software in the new period, plans to stand out with its self-sufficient structure in the technology wars in recent years. With this move, Apple will keep all knowledge on the technology side within its own body, but Apple will work with a Taiwan-based TSMC semiconductor manufacturer, again for an Asian manufacturer.

apple a14x işlemcisi

At WWDC, Apple told the developers that Intel will abandon its x86-based processors and switch to its ARM-based processors in the new period. Following this development, it was rumored that Apple was working on 3 different Mac processors based on the A14 chip.

According to the news published by Digitimes, the new Apple A14X processor will start production in the last quarter of this year. In order to be the sole supplier of the new ARM-based processors, which are expected to be included in the latest Macbook and iPad Pro models, Apple had to allocate a $ 25 billion budget for this business.

Finally, The China Times says that the new processors can be offered with a 12-inch Macbook model that is expected to offer a lifespan of 15-20 hours and will stand out with its lightness.


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