Apple Is Preparing For A Campaign That Will Give Consumers Up To $ 200 Discount Voucher


US-based technology giant Apple is preparing for a campaign that will begin on Friday. Apple, within the scope of this campaign will give consumers discount coupons up to $ 200. Details of the campaign are currently unknown.

With the arrival of November, a huge discount rate has begun worldwide. In this context, during November, we have shared with you many times the company’s discount and campaign news. Now we are here again with a campaign news. This time the campaign is owned by the US-based technology giant Apple. Apple is preparing to launch a campaign under the name “Black Friday” that starts on Friday (November 29th) and ends on Monday (December 2nd).

Apple’s campaign, iPhone or other products does not offer a discount. Apple will give consumers a discount coupon instead of a discount on their products. Within the scope of this discount coupon that can reach up to $ 200, consumers will be able to purchase any Apple product. However, Apple did not provide detailed information about this discount for the time being.

Apple is now directing consumers to just one reminder. But no other information is given. Consumers are expected to wait until Friday. It is very likely that Apple will not make these discount coupons available to consumers in their end products, but consumers are already excited about this campaign.

Apple’s “Black Friday” campaign is available almost anywhere in the world. But for the moment prepared to Apple’s Turkey is not given any information about the subject on the official website. Turkey, may not be included at all, as can be included within a short time to campaign coverage. Only time will tell. We will inform you again in case of any developments.


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