Apple Prepares A Version Of “AirPods Pro” With Noise Cancellation


After the presentation of the new iPhone in September, Apple ready to present a Pro version of the traditional AirPods that incorporate the expected noise cancellation and a renewed design.

The extension “Pro” works, and Apple is living with the iPad and iPhone, but it seems that the use is not there. A China Economic Daily report mentions an updated “Pro” version of the AirPods that add several new features, including noise cancellation and a new building material.

According to the media, these hearing aids will have the name “AirPods Pro”, a nomenclature that will serve as a divisor of the existing range announced at the beginning of the year. Unlike this model, which included wireless charging and Siri voice management, this new device will feature a metal-based design to help heat dissipation, preventing the equipment from concentrating heat on the plastic layer.

Another detail is the inclusion of an active noise cancellation system, already mentioned in the iOS 13.2 beta that includes the function “with or without noise cancellation” in the AirPods. Unlike the passive mode, the ANC – active noise control – uses a wave emission system that analyzes the external noise perceived by the hearing aids and emits frequencies contrary to the user to reduce the surrounding sounds. This system, present in several wireless devices on the market, was not yet developed in the Apple catalog.

The date of presentation of this accessory and other equipment of the brand would be scheduled for the last week of October, according to rumors. It is expected that, in the same event, the renewal of the iPad Pro catalog for 2019 will be announced, in addition to new MacBook.

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