Apple Prepares iPad Pro With Wireless Charging and New iPad Mini


Apple is working on an iPad Pro model with wireless charging and an iPad mini update. The information was revealed in an article published by Bloomberg this Friday (4).

The article highlights that the company seeks a renewal of the category, which had a significant increase in sales during the pandemic. Thus, the forecast is that the new version of the iPad Mini comes out later this year and the iPad Pro in 2022.

The main change of the new iPad Pro will be the replacement of the rear body with aluminum finish for a glass one. This will allow the device to gain the wireless charging function — something that is still a rarity on tablets.

Apple would be running tests with a magnet-based system similar to MagSafe. The company is also studying applying wireless reverse charging technology — similar to the previous project, which would enable the iPhone to charge AirPods.

Sources indicate that development of the next iPad Pro is still in the early stages. Therefore, it is possible that the manufacturer will change plans or even cancel the project before launching next year.

Regarding the iPad mini, the new version should bring a screen with narrower edges and the absence of the Home button. Rumors also point to an even smaller edition aimed at students that would be released together.

Increased iPad sales

In 2020, the iPad line became an important product in Apple’s portfolio. The devices were highly sought after by users looking for ways to work, study and have fun at home during the pandemic.

As a result, sales increased 43% in the last half of 2020. Earnings continued into the first quarter of 2021, when the tablet division earned $7.8 billion — an increase of 79% compared to the same period last year.