Apple Prepares AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro With Fitness Functions


Apple may launch two new devices for the AirPods line, according to information obtained by Bloomberg. Gizchina unveiled conceptual images showing the possible design of one of the accessories, the third-generation AirPods, due to arrive later in 2021.

The product is supposed to look similar to the current AirPods Pro, with shorter rods. The rumors don’t bring extra details about specs and prices, but the accessory should come with a more affordable value than the Pro version.

The product is expected to be announced sometime this year to replace the current version of the entry-level AirPods. AirPods 2 was launched by Apple in 2019 and has not received a successor since.

New AirPods Pro in 2022

In addition to the entry model, Apple is reportedly working on a new AirPods Pro. The most powerful member of the line should have been launched this year, according to Bloomberg, but ended up being delayed because of the pandemic. The earbuds will undergo design changes and will also feature functions that go beyond audio.

The information points out that the product will bring extra sensors to be able to map physical exercises. If the information is confirmed, the new AirPods Pro will be the first device in the line to bring fitness functions, expanding the market reach of the headphones.

The latest addition to Apple’s audio lineup is the AirPods Max. The headset hit the market in late 2020 and isn’t likely to be replaced next year, but it could gain new color options, according to speculation.

Apple’s investments in the audio market aren’t limited to hardware. The company recently released high-quality audio on the Apple Music service, which received the new addition at no additional cost to their subscriptions.