Apple practically buys a new company a month

Apple has acquired about 100 companies over the past six years, according to company CEO Tim Cook. With that, according to the BBC’s calculations, the Cupertino giant practically buys one new startup per month.

The information that Apple buys, on average, a new company every three to four weeks was revealed during a meeting of the firm’s board of directors with shareholders. The CEO of the manufacturer of iPhones justified the high rate of acquisitions, which occasionally end up being made quietly.

According to Tim Cook, a large part of Apple’s acquisitions are focused on “technology and talent”. As a result, the Cupertino giant does not always end up buying large companies, which leaves most of the business out of headlines on news sites.

Significant purchases

To date, Apple’s most striking purchase has been Beats Eletronics. The headphones brand founded by rapper Dr Dre was acquired by the company in 2014 for $ 3 billion.

Apple also spent $ 1 billion to acquire the modem division of Intel, the brand’s former partner in the industry. The billionaire purchase, which included technologies and 2,200 employees, aims to accelerate the development of the brand’s own network technologies.

Another major recent purchase from Apple was the Shazam company. Known for its music recognition app, the company was acquired by Apple for $ 400 million in 2018.

While acquisitions of well-known names are rare, Apple constantly invests in smaller companies that have more specific technologies. An example of this is the startup PrimeSense, an Israeli company that develops 3D mapping technologies and is famous for working on the Xbox 360 Kinect.

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The BBC also points out that Apple has injected about $ 1 billion into Chinese company Didi Chuxing, an Uber competitor working on autonomous car technologies. Despite having no control over the company, the billionaire investment shows Apple’s interest in the automotive market, which may be the brand’s next big target in the future.



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