Apple postpones production of M1 chip MacBooks Pro


Apple changed its planning and postponed the start of mass production of two new MacBook models. According to the Nikkei Asia website, both models will feature the M1 processor, made by the company itself, and must be models of the MacBook Pro line. Manufacturing was previously scheduled for May or June 2021, but now it should only happen in the second half of the year. this year.

Therefore, it is possible that the previously scheduled launch window, which involved the announcement in the third quarter of 2021, will no longer be followed by the company. The first models already with the processor made by Apple were launched at the end of last year and the idea was to update all devices that still had an Intel processor to the new version in two years.

Will be?

The expectation is that at least one of these new models will be the one that will revive the MagSafe charger, in addition to bringing significant changes in the design.

The same publication would have obtained from internal sources that the company again readjusted the production of the iPhone 12 mini, which continues to sell well below expectations in relation to the other models of the family and still suffers from a lack of components in the market.


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