Apple portrays PC parody to promote new Macs


Apple held a new recorded presentation on Tuesday (10), with the official announcement of the M1 processor based on ARM architecture, in addition to a Mac mini, a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro already running from the new chip. But the end of the conference also brought a surprise: the return of a classic character from the Apple advertising campaigns.

This is the PC, a character played by actor John Hodgman in the videos for the series “Get a Mac”, shown between 2006 and 2009. It is the flesh and blood representation of what Apple sells as a traditional computer: corporate, old-fashioned, without many social motives and clumsy, but still confident that it can do the job. More than a decade later, Hodgman returned to play the character – now to mock the news of the M1 processor. Check out:

In the new commercial, the PC questions whether the new Macs are really that fast, quiet and have such good battery life, since it is supposed to have the same qualities. The whole action, however, is a big joke about the fact that competitive computers are out of date.

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