Apple: Porsche specialist to work on ‘Titan Car’ project


In yet another possible move into the market, the North American Apple seems to be consolidating its team of professionals to work on the “Titan Car” project, code name given to its supposed electric car still in development. According to the Business Insider website, the company recently hired Manfred Harrer, former vice president of Porsche’s Chassis Development sector, considered one of the Volkswagen Group’s best engineers.

With the growing shipment of companies in the automotive industry, especially with the success of Electric Vehicles (EVs), it is only natural that rumors about the Titan Car Project also gain strength. Now, hiring Harrer could mean Apple’s ultimate entry into this market.

Part of this expectation is due to the excellent curriculum of Manfred Harrer, who worked for the Volkswagen Group for more than 13 years with his expertise in vehicle chassis, in addition to already having work experience in other companies in the industry, such as BMW and Audi.

Similarly, Apple seems to be already looking for companies to produce its new product line. The North American would be in contact with Hyundai to close a service agreement and, thus, start the production of its Electric Vehicles in 2024.

Also in this context, the announcement reinforces the rumor that Apple will adopt the E-GMP base, a modular platform developed by Hyundai, in its project. If confirmed, it is possible to assume that the vehicle will deliver satisfactory performance, capable of reaching acceleration from zero to 95 km / h in less than 3.5 seconds, with a range of 500 km and 80% recharge in just 18 minutes – according to official technology specifications.


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