Apple Podcasts: Subscription Program to Begin in June


Apple Podcasts: The Apple Podcasts platform will launch its financial support program for the platform’s creators through a monthly subscription in June, after postponing the new feature for a month. Initially scheduled for May this year, the possibility will come along this month, allowing users to have exclusive advantages, such as early access to episodes of certain podcasts.

The delay was announced by Apple in an email sent to the creators. In the statement, the company explains that the postponement was motivated by the need to correct two main errors: one in sending new content to the platform, which arrived late, and another in the Podcast Connect portal, which prevented users from logging in.

At the time, there were still some adjustments related to iOS 14.6 based on user complaints. In addition, the Apple Podcasts Library gained new features, not detailed by the company in the statement.

Release will be limited

Official information indicates that, at first, subscription plans will be available in 170 countries, also unspecified. Apple let it be understood, however, that in the near future the novelty will be released to users across the globe.

Remember that the ability to access exclusive resources from a monthly subscription is not exclusive to Gigante de Cupertino. Just a week after the official announcement about its financial support program, Spotify decided to accompany the competitor with the release of its own subscription model, initially limited to the United States.


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