Apple Podcasts: A New Era Begins


Apple Podcasts: subscription period for the app is starting. At the spring event yesterday, the company announced that people can subscribe to Apple Podcasts content for extra benefits such as ad-free, bonus content, and early access.

The announced new service Apple Podcasts¬†will be available in 170 countries over the next month. The service’s initial partners include Pushkin Industries, QCODE and NPR.

Apple Podcasts will serve at $ 19.99 annually

At Apple Podcasts, creators will have to pay $ 19.99 a year to Apple to offer subscriptions, and Apple will receive 30 percent of revenue in a subscriber’s first year and 15 percent for the following years. This means that if the user subscribes for only one year, a podcaster will give 30 percent of the revenue to Apple. So Apple Podcasts publishers have to encourage subscribers to stay in service longer.

Apple Podcasts publishers will need to download their subscription content through Apple’s services, not through RSS and hosting providers. However, regular feeds can still work via RSS. Since subscription content goes through Apple, podcasters will also not be able to receive certain data about their paid listeners, such as their email, name or contact information.

The channels part of the app is also being redesigned to help users find new content selected by their favorite creators. These channels will feature artwork, titles and descriptions unique to Apple Podcasts. It will also be able to advertise some free content while some are paid.

Luminary, a subscription-based podcast app launched in 2019, will be Apple’s first channel partner. The company said today that people can subscribe to the Luminary app as well as Luminary shows on Apple Podcasts.

Other new features on Apple Podcasts include a “Smart Play” button that allows listeners to automatically start shows from the latest episode and shows serialized from the beginning of the series. In addition, it should be noted that listeners can download for offline playback.