Apple Podcast Affiliate Program Announced


Apple Podcast announced the Apple Services Performance Partner Program for more engagement of the app. Apple announced last month that its Podcast app was redesigned. The company that created the partner program for the Apple Podcast will pay a fee for users who register through the system created.

Users will be able to earn money with Apple Podcast

The Apple Services Performance Partner Program, available on platforms such as Apple TV, Apple News and Apple Books, has also been launched for the Podcast app today.

The new program created by the company will be open to all users. When users start a paid membership after clicking the specified link, 50 percent of the subscription fee will be transferred to the business partner. For this process, the user who makes a paid subscription must not cancel the subscription in the first month.

Stating that the partnership program is at a certain approval stage, the company announced that the program will be valid in all countries with active podcast subscription.

Apple Podcast, which includes options such as special url and QR code, as in other partnership programs, announced today that it has started the application process.


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