Apple Plans to Bring a Removed Technology to iPhones


According to the new patent files, Apple is developing a magnetic charging input for iPhones. The technology in question is quite similar to the magnetic charging port that Apple removed from MacBooks in recent years.

US technology giant Apple introduced the MagSafe wireless charger to consumers with the iPhone 12 family and brought a new perspective to the wireless charging experience. While you have to leave the device on the pad with standard wireless charging pads, the magnets in MagSafe hold the wireless charger to the iPhone 12 and you can continue to use it while the device is charging wirelessly.

New Apple patents that surfaced yesterday at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reveal that the Cupertino company plans to use magnet connection technology for a more functional and easy-to-use charging port. This could also be a sign that iPhones will bid farewell to the Lightning login.

Apple may be developing magnet charging port for iPhones

Apple does not include the name “iPhone” in the patent files in question, but the images in the patent images clearly show that the charging port design was designed for a smartphone. The interesting point here is that magnet charging input technology is not very new for Apple.

Apple used a magnetic charging dock on its MacBook models before switching to the USB Type-C port. In this way, when you bring the charging cable’s plug closer to the charging port of the MacBook, the cable was connected to the MacBook as a “plug”. Thanks to this technology, even if you forget that a cable is connected to the device and move your MacBook, the cable or MacBook could be disconnected without any damage.


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