Apple Planned Health Insurance Service, But The Idea Didn’t Work


Apple: In 2016, Apple structured plans to launch its own subscription-based primary health care service, indicates the Wall Street Journal. However, the project would have been put aside with the arrival of new applications aimed at the area, such as the Apple Health application, and functionalities implemented in the Apple Watch.

Also according to the vehicle, this would be a way for the giant to take advantage of the data collected from its equipment and guarantee new benefits to its customers, connecting devices to solutions used in virtual and face-to-face care developed by doctors on its teams. Among the novelties would be those related to the aforementioned primary care and personalized programs.

Initial tests would have been carried out with employees of the company from the Apple, which supposedly built a team which also included engineers and product designers. The company also took over the management of a clinic near Apple Park and hired Dr. Sumbul Desai of Stanford University to lead the initiative.

Rumors and statements

Low number of applications and doubts about data integrity in the area of ​​hypertension would be some of the factors that limited the development of an app called HealthHabit, adds the newspaper, culminating in Desai’s departure from Apple a few weeks after a meeting in which the expert expressed concerns.

In any case, a company spokesman explained that the matter had been “exhaustively” investigated and that the allegations of problems had not been substantiated.

“Many of the statements in this report are based on incomplete, outdated and inaccurate information,” said the representative, noting that the company would be proud of the manager’s work, considered a key player in its efforts in the sector.


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