Apple Pays Millions in Damages After Nudes Leak From Technical Assistance


Apple: British newspaper The Telegraph revealed on Sunday that Apple had paid millions of dollars to a 21-year-old student from Oregon, USA, after technicians at an authorized company repair shop posted intimate photos and videos of the university’s iPhone on Facebook .

Apple’s name had not yet been mentioned in the lawsuit, which dates back to 2016, until another lawsuit arose, this time between Pegatron technical assistance, which had reimbursed the tech giant for the agreement, and its insurers, who refused to pay the bill. Cited in the lawsuit only as a “customer”, the name of the iPhone manufacturer was eventually confirmed to the British newspaper.

The offense took place at a Pegatron workshop in the city of Sacramento, California. Considered one of the most serious privacy breaches ever to occur on an iPhone authorized, the incident was dealt with by excluding Apple’s name from the record, as the publicity could cause “substantial commercial damage”.

How the violation occurred

According to court documents, the unidentified victim took her iPhone to an Apple authorized repair shop in Sacramento after it stopped working. While the device was being repaired, two technicians posted “ten pictures of her in various stages of undressing and a sex video” to her Facebook account, as if she had posted it herself.

After the removal of the material from the social network, the consumer filed a lawsuit against the company, for invasion of privacy and imposition of severe emotional suffering. In the initial allegations, the victim’s lawyers warned that pursuing a lawsuit could bring “negative media publicity,” and proposed reaching a settlement.

Signed, the commitment ensured that the victim would not discuss the case or reveal the amount involved. However, the records themselves speak of a “multimillion-dollar” sum, which can be seen from the amount paid only to lawyers in the negotiations: US$ 5 million, equivalent to R$ 25 million.