Apple pays $ 9.75 Million For Defects in Powerbeats2 Headphones


Apple: After a three-year wait, plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Apple told MacRumors on Tuesday (18) that they began to be compensated individually for the defects presented in their Powerbeats2 Wireless in-ear headphones launched in 2015.

Consumers started suing the Apple company after they discovered a defect in some devices that caused them to suddenly crash, in addition to not retaining the load after the “minimum use” announced. Certified by the judge of one of these causes, the lawsuit acquired class action status in 2017.

In the initial allegations, the claimants claim that Apple “distorted the battery life” of the Powerbeats2, as well as presenting misleading advertising by claiming that the devices were resistant to sweat and water, which proved false. Finally, the Cupertino company was accused of failing to replace or repair the defective headphones within the warranty period of one year.

The agreement between Apple and its consumers

After several negotiations between the parties, the case did not go to court, since the manufacturer agreed to pay an indemnity of US $ 9.75 million, about R $ 51.6 million, to close the case. Although it agreed to the payment, Apple vehemently denied the users’ claims and said it was paying the amount only “to avoid costly litigation”.

MacRumors was shown a screen capture showing an indemnity of US $ 114.12 (R $ 604), but there are consumers who will receive up to US $ 189 (R $ 1,000).


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