Apple patents a MagSafe to charge the mobile phone


One of the great novelties that the bitten apple has released during the last Apple event was the MagSafe.

These accessories provide an extra function to the back of your iPhone whether it has a case or not. Its magnets keep the accessory anchored to the phone and there are many uses that they can provide. But today we have found another idea that Apple did not talk about at the conference and that is that there is a patent for a MagSafe to charge the mobile phone and AirPods.

A new style of MagSafe to increase the autonomy of the iPhone

Apple has come up with a new form of accessory to get more out of the magnets on the back of the iPhone. To this definition respond the MagSafe, that at the moment there is little to choose from. Its usefulness ranges from magnetic chargers to fill the battery of Apple phones as well as to place a card holder in the back and clear the wallet from your pocket.

But the Cupertino offices were plotting more than just a card holder accessory. And the evidence is in a patent for a MagSafe to charge the mobile and AirPods. The United States Patent Office received this application in August of last year, but it was not until yesterday that the patent was published. In it you can see two different models or ideas but with the same purpose. The only feature they have in common is that it looks like a flip cover that adds a few extras.

In the first case, you can see a bulge in the back that could be an extra battery to supply the terminal with electricity. On the other hand, it seems that there is also a hook designed to place the AirPods in the upper left part of the terminal. According to 9to5Mac, this accessory would also act as a charger for the headphones of the bitten apple. Not only do they say this, but they take the extract where it says that the accessory device can also include a power source (such as a battery) that is in the cover ”and that“ the power source can also provide power to different devices”.

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If we see the other model we find another type of hook for the headphones, which are on the side of it. We will have to wait for a future that we hope is not too distant to see if Apple materializes this case.


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