Apple patented way to use headphones wirelessly


Telecommunications are experiencing their best moment. On the one hand, there are advances in the field of telephony that contribute more and more with the arrival of 5G. On the other hand, because of the pandemic, people have pulled their mobile phones to make their own videoconferences and not lose details of what their closest friends are doing. But when it comes to contacting someone who is close, it is best to use an intercom, a function that Apple wants to implement in its headphones.

The Apple Watch walkie in your headphones

WhatsApp revolutionized the messaging system with its voice notes. If you want to talk to someone and it is short, you just have to send them a recording, but it may be more instantaneous and less expensive to talk on your intercom. You do not have any? If you are a user of an Apple Watch you should know that you can use it as such, but in the bitten apple they have other plans.

These are included in a new patent that raises the possibility of using a headset as an intercom. And be careful, we do not say the AirPods, since it seems that they are other devices of the company that are somewhat larger, such as the Studio version that we have heard so much about.

According to the patent, this function is designed to promote communication between two people in a very noisy environment. It also helps keep in touch in a situation like this where social distancing is important. In this way, it is possible to establish communication between two members of a house without them being in direct contact and respecting the safety distance.

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Problem: interference from a phone

Apple appears to be working on expanding the walkie talkie feature that started on the Apple Watch. In the case of this new patent, it seems to be of great help in some cases in which direct communication is extremely important despite the distance. But of course, there is a problem and it is the intervention of a mobile phone. And is that this device could get in the way of all communication by linking with any of the HomePod-type devices or the headphones themselves.

One call can interfere with the entire procedure, so it will be a problem that the firm has to address in the future and if this feature is taken forward.


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