Apple Parts Orders Outpace Android Manufacturers


Apple wants iPhone 13 suppliers to speed up. As the iPhone 13 launch date approaches, new information continues to emerge. Apple wants suppliers to speed up

The approach of September has also caused leaks about Apple highly anticipated iPhone 13 series to accelerate. As the launch date approaches, the design and features of the phone continue to emerge. The latest information came from Apple parts suppliers.

Allegedly, Apple asked manufacturers in Taiwan to increase their production capacity by 30-40 percent to meet iPhone 13 demand.

Apple wants iPhone 13 suppliers to speed up

According to DigiTimes’ report, Apple has asked VCM suppliers in Taiwan to increase their production capacity by 30-40 percent. Taking such a decision to meet the demand for the iPhone 13, the company alone placed orders for all Android manufacturers in 2021. This revealed how high the company’s sales expectations were.

The company, which normally orders at a lower rate, uses these parts in the rear camera and 3D sensors used in Face ID. The allegations are expected to continue the design language that the company has been using since the iPhone X this year. That’s why Apple wants to please users by upgrading the camera and screen performance.

What will develop?

Among the camera upgrades expected on the iPhone 13 series is the f/1.8 ultra-wide camera with a wider aperture. Thus, the company aims to produce more successful photos by increasing the late shooting performance. This innovation, which will come to the Pro and Pro Max models, will probably not be found in the standard and mini models.

Another change that is expected to appear in all four models will be sensor shift stabilization. This technology, which first appeared on the iPhone 12 Max, increases the stabilization of photo and video shooting, resulting in more professional results.

So what do you think about the iPhone 13 series? Do you think Apple innovations in the camera and screen will be able to satisfy the users? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.