Apple Owns Nearly 80% Of The Notebook ARM Chip Market


Apple: A recent report by Strategy Analytics pointed to an increase in shipments of ARM-based processors for notebooks. The data also show the rapid expansion of the segment both in financial terms and in terms of units. And the main culprit for this is Apple.

By 2020, chip shipments are estimated to have increased ninefold from the previous year. For 2021, the forecast is for growth more than tripled with the volume reaching US$ 949 million.

Apple leadership

Powered by M1 processors, Apple has the largest share of the ARM chip market. Strategy Analytics analysts believe the brand will receive 79% of this segment’s total revenue by 2021.

MediaTek ranks 2nd with 18% market share, thanks to the initial leadership of the Chromebook market. Without repeating the same success of mobile processors, Qualcomm should close the year with only 3% of the world market.

“Despite the partnership with Microsoft, Qualcomm was unable to establish itself in the notebook market. In the short term, the brand should focus on Chromebooks to capture part of MediaTek’s share,” said Sravan Kundojjala, author of the report.

Finally, the expert says that ARM chip makers for notebooks will need to increase their investment in software. This should be an extra effort by the brands to effectively compete with x86-based processors from Intel and AMD.


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