Apple overshadows losses in the cryptocurrency market


Technology giant Apple has not managed to get rid of the downward trend that has been going on for the last few days. Although the decline that has continued for the last few days is interpreted by crypto money investors as only for this sector, the decline experienced by Apple reveals the opposite.

It is seen that Apple lost more than $ 400 billion in value. The share value of the Cupertino-based company has declined 20% in the last 3 days and has dropped to 7.60. Apple was the first company to reach a total market value of $ 2 trillion about two weeks ago and broke a record.

The technology pioneer, who managed to double its total value in just 5 months, dropped to a value of $ 1 trillion in the sharp decline in March. Apple’s fifth stock split decision has already contributed more to the upward rally that has been going on since March. It is also known that the famous trading platform Robinhood and other similar platforms collapsed in August due to the interest in Apple.

Apple’s Loss Makes Your Lip Sore

The September 3 date definitely overshadowed the losses of crypto investors. Apple lost $ 179 billion in a single day. Of course, Apple is not alone, and other tech giants like Facebook and Tesla have had similar results.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin seems to have performed much more successfully, declining from the $ 11,700 level to $ 10,538. BTC had come out as fast as it had literally dropped in the previous March drop and had all eyes on it again.


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