Apple ordered to pay $ 309 million for patent breach


Apple was ordered to pay a fine of approximately $ 309 million for infringement of a patent involving copyright management technologies. The lawsuit was filed by the company Personalized Media Communications (PMC) in a court in Texas, United States.

The legal action began in 2015, when PMC sued Apple for allegedly infringing its patents on music platforms. The Texas company claims that Apple used its technologies in solutions such as FairPlay, which is used in iTunes, Apple Music and the App Store.

After Apple managed to hold the case back in 2020, the Texas court accepted a response from PMC and ruled that Apple is guilty. The fine charged for patent infringement is $ 308.5 million.

Apple will appeal

In a statement sent to Bloomberg, Apple said it would appeal the decision and considers the case an injustice. The Cupertino giant explains that PMC is a “patent troll” company, which has several technology licenses and lives on processes in large companies.

“Cases like this, brought by companies that do not manufacture or sell any product, stifle innovation and end up harming consumers,” said Apple, which is not the only victim of PMC. The patent company also has legal actions currently running against other tech giants, including Google, Netflix and Amazon.

The PMC lawsuit was not the only punishment Apple received recently. The company also received a R $ 10 million fine from Procon-SP for practices that violate the Consumer Protection Code, including selling iPhones without the charger.


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