Apple Opens The Siri Experience To Third-Party Devices


Apple announced at the WWDC 2021 event that HomeKit accessory manufacturers will be able to integrate voice control features with Siri into their devices. The support will come into effect before the end of this year. The guidance of the Apple ASVoice assistant will be done through the HomePod speaker.

The Cupertino-based company has not yet announced the list of brands and devices that will benefit from Siri support. Apple demoed the feature at WWDC 2021 with Ecobee’s thermostat. The company has confirmed that the interoperability feature, also called Matter and supported by brands such as Samsung and Amazon, will be available with iOS 15.

Apple also announced some small smart home features. Thanks to the new feature called Home Keys, it will be possible to lock or unlock the door remotely by touching the iPhone or Apple Watch. This feature, which will be added to the Wallet application, can also be used to enter hotel rooms and offices.

Apple, which will offer lossless audio support in Apple Music for the HomePod mini smart speaker, will also make it possible to use the speaker as a speaker for Apple TV 4K. The same support will apply to the now discontinued HomePod. The HomePod mini will also be available in Austria, Ireland, New Zealand and Italy before the end of this year.

HomePod will also support commands given to Apple TV. It is worth noting that Apple’s newly announced SharePlay feature also supports Apple TV. Opening Siri support to third-party devices, Apple brings the HomePod’s intercom feature to Apple Watch.