Apple Opens First Store Fully Above Water in Singapore


Apple will open a new store in Singapore in the coming days. What makes this venue, which will be the third retail store in Singapore, unique is that it sits entirely on water. The store is a first for Apple.

US-based technology giant Apple will soon open its third store in Singapore. You may think that the progress is very important so far. You are right, but there is a detail that makes this store unique. This detail is that Apple’s new store in Singapore will sit completely on water. This kind of store is a first for Apple.

Apple uses quite different architectures in the stores it opens from time to time. However, the store in “Marina Bay Sands” located in Singapore Bay is the kind that will make you forget all the Apple store designs to date. So what does this store look like and what kind of architectural structure will consumers encounter?

This is how Apple’s new store in Singapore looks like

Apple’s floating store in Singapore is passed by a wooden path. The store, which has a dome-like structure, is covered with glass panels that can reflect the water of the bay. When it gets dark, this store looks like a luxurious place with warm lights. The company seems to be preparing to offer a unique experience to its customers in Singapore with its first store on water.

In a statement by an Apple spokesperson, this store is said to be built at an iconic location in Singapore. Saying that this store will become iconic after a while, the spokesperson says that Apple’s best products can be accessed through this store. The spokesperson, who does not make a clear statement about the opening date of the store, is content with saying “Soon …”.

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