Apple offers some of its original series for free


Quarantine now much easier. Apple ‘throws the roll’ to make the insulation more bearable and points to the gift train that Amazon Prime or HBO have already got on.

As of today, the company of the bitten apple puts at your disposal 8 of its exclusive productions totally free . These are:

The Elephant Queen

Little america


For All Mankind




Snoopy in Space

A server has seen Servant, which comes out of the mind of M.Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense), and recommends it without fear (now, know that there are only 8 episodes and the good Shyamalan said he had material to get 60) . And then there is Snoopy in Space, a Beagle that never fails.

You can access all of them through your computer, from the official Apple TV + page , or using any device that allows you to run the service; such as Smart TVs with Android operating system, Amazon Fire TV, Roku or, of course, Apple TV’s .

These test series do not oblige you to spend the 7 free days of general service testing you have for the simple fact of having come into the world. Once the quarantine is over and these series go back to the paid catalog, you can make use of the original 7-day trial of Apple TV + and extend that joy a little more.

The only requirement (because one had to be) is to create an account at to start enjoying.


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