Apple ‘No Charger’ Apple Watch 6 Series and SE


Technology giant Apple introduced its new smart watches Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE at today’s big event, which we have been waiting for a long time. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the company’s new products.

Technology giant Apple finally held its big event today, which was previously postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The big event, where we saw the company’s new technological products, also hosted new models of Apple’s smart watch Apple Watch. The smart watch series, which liked itself with its previous models, today has Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE.

The new series, which was previously said to be released as Apple Watch Pro and Apple Watch, hosts much more advanced technologies than the previous series. Let’s take a look at what Apple’s new smartwatch Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE offer and what technologies they will bring to our wrist.

Apple Watch Series 6 features:

Traditional design continues with a change:

The technology giant’s new smart watch has a rectangular structure with rounded edges, similar to its previous models. In other words, Apple has not made a radical design in the design of its new smart watch this year. The company has previously come up with patents for round-shaped clock designs.

Apple also introduced a new band consisting of a solid piece. The band, which will debut under the name Solo Band, will be sold in different sizes. You will be able to use the cord by choosing the one that suits you among these sizes.

More powerful hardware:

The new Apple Watch Series 6 will have S6 processor, which offers 20% better performance than the previous series, according to the company’s statement. The smartwatch will be available in gold, graphite, blue and (PRODUCT) RED versions.

Longer battery life:

Earlier claims pointed out that the new Apple Watch would come with a larger battery. Those claims are true, and Apple has increased the battery capacity of its new smartwatch. Apple Watch users will now be able to use their devices for longer periods without charging.

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However, the larger battery has also had a downside: Apple no longer includes the 3D Touch feature in its new smartwatch. With the removal of this feature, the company did not need the Taptic Engine in the device, so an extra place was opened in the body of the watch. This gap was also filled with a larger battery.

Better sleep tracking:

The large battery, which promises a longer usage time, has also paved the way for better sleep tracking. With its growing battery capacity, Apple Watch Series 6 will operate more of its sensors during sleep, providing users with information about their heart rate, movement, and even oxygen levels thanks to the new sensor.

The oxygen level in the blood can be measured:

Speaking of the oxygen level, one of the biggest features offered this year should be mentioned. Apple, which brings new developments in health monitoring with each new model, will be able to measure even the oxygen level in the blood with its new sensor this year. The smart watch will give results in just 15 seconds and warn its users when the measured values ​​are below the considered healthy level.

New faces for Apple Watch:

With the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple also presented new interface designs to its smartwatch. While the designs can be chosen according to tastes, they can also be changed according to the work you do or the situation you are in.

Safe for children:

The new Apple Watch Series 6 will allow you to follow your acquaintances and especially your children. Clocks can be connected and controlled on a single iPhone.

Apple Watch SE features:

Apple Watch SE, which has all the features of previous Apple Watch smart watches, is a more affordable smartwatch of the company. The device came out surprisingly just three days ago.

Both watches will not contain a charger:

According to Apple’s statement, both Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE will not include a charger in their boxes to ‘reduce the carbon footprint’.


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