Apple: next iOS version will feature anti-tracking


In a press release posted on its website yesterday (27), Apple announced that it will celebrate Data Privacy Day this January 28, taking the opportunity to announce the implementation of the much discussed Track Transparency (ATT) app that will require that applications obtain user permission before tracking their data on third-party apps or websites.

Although part of the iOS / iPadOS 14 update, Apple decided to postpone the deployment of the anti-tracking feature in September last year, due to several complaints from developers and advertisers, who claimed they needed more time to promote the necessary changes to their products.

In this respect, Facebook has promoted, since the announcement of the new privacy policy, a true global campaign against Apple, claiming losses for small developers and projecting a year of 2021 “full of uncertainty”.

The official release of Apple’s anti-tracking system

However, despite the complaints, the ATT will be released even in the next version of iOS, probably at 14.5, which should generate its first beta today (28), or at most, next week.

Once available, the feature will be enabled by default and will allow you to view which applications have requested permission to track your data, and decide whether or not to make the changes you deem necessary.