Apple Music Will Have ‘Special Event’ After WWDC 2021 Conference


Apple scheduled an extra event that wasn’t on the original WWDC 2021 schedule, the conference for fans and developers that will go all-digital this year and start today (7).

Two hours after the main conference, scheduled for 2:00 pm (GMT) on Monday, Apple will hold a “special event” focused only on Apple Music. The banner with the ad was found by some users who browsed the app and posted the discovery on Twitter, but the address has already been taken down by the company.

The purpose of the virtual meeting is, apparently, just to introduce Space Audio. This is the newly revealed technology for the streaming platform that uses the Dolby Atmos standard to bring greater immersion in music playback.

Space Audio is expected to be released to the service along with uncompressed music mode by the end of June 2021.

Stay tuned at TecMundo to find out all about this conference and other announcements made during WWDC 2021.


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