Apple Music: Spacious, Hi-Fi Audio Comes to Android


Apple Music: Two of Apple’s top recent announcements for the Apple Music audio streaming platform are now coming to the service’s Android app.

According to the 9 to 5 Mac site, both the Spatial Audio and the transmission of music in the highest definition are features present in the newest Beta update of the service — which requires a previous registration in the Play Store to be enabled. For now, there is no forecast for the functions to be released in the stable version, but this should not take long to happen.

Spatial Audio is provided thanks to Dolby Atmos standard technology, creating a more complex distribution of sounds to generate an immersive experience, especially when using headphones. To enjoy the function, you must have a compatible device, which usually means a more modern model. The “lossless” files feature involves the use of a special codec that does not reduce the quality of the played audios.

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Another addition to the Android app is the “Automatic Crossfade” function, which creates a more fluid experience between the end of one song and the beginning of the next in a playlist.


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