Apple Music Says ‘The Way You Listen To Music Will Change Forever’


Apple posted a teaser of a future announcement on the home page of its audio streaming service, Apple Music.

The post on the platform page says only “Coming soon: the way you listen to music will change forever”, with an animation of the Apple Music logo for a few seconds.

Rumors about news in the streaming service suggest that the revolutionary function is a new subscription mode: a HiFi track, that is, with very high quality audio and without significant loss from compression.

There are those who believe that the subscription plan will also have support for Space Audio with dynamic tracking, a technology already supported by some AirPods and devices of the company and that makes it seem that the sound “is coming from all directions”.

The expectation is that the announcement will be made on Tuesday (18), with the Apple Music Android app also receiving the option. Another speculation that can be confirmed is the arrival of the third generation of AirPods wireless headsets.


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