Apple Music Releases ‘Space Audio’ and Lossless Playback


Apple Music: Confirming the rumors of recent weeks, Apple Music won, this Monday (07), the features of “spatial audio” and playback without loss of quality (lossless), which promise a sound experience of very high fidelity. The news was released a few hours after the opening event of WWDC 2021.

Available at no additional cost to Apple’s standard streaming subscription, spatial audio is coupled with Dolby Atmos technology. The goal is to make the experience of listening to music more “spatialized”, as if the listener were at a concert, listening to instruments positioned in different locations.

Also offered at no extra charge, lossless audio playback uses the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) as standard. According to Apple, the function, which will also come to Android, allows you to listen to songs with the maximum recording quality, but the data consumption is much higher than in the standard version.

At first, only a few “thousands of tracks” can be heard with spatial audio enabled, while lossless songs reach 20 million, numbers that will be increased soon. You must have the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS (14.6) and macOS (Big Sur 11.4) to receive the new features.

Dynamic head tracking

Apple Music will also feature spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, which provides an even more immersive experience. According to an Apple support document, the function uses the iPhone’s and headphones’ gyroscope and accelerometer to track head movement and cell phone position.

This new feature, scheduled for release in the fall (from September), makes the sound adjust as the user turns their head, making the spatial audio more immersive. Some video clips in streaming already have the feature enabled, but with a different implementation.