Apple Music HiFi Will Be The Enemy Of Your Internet!


Apple Music HiFi will offer lossless sounds. HiFi subscriptions available on Spotify will also come to the Apple Music app soon. While leaks have been raised about this issue for a while, this time, all the details have been revealed in the beta version released on the Android version.

Codes for the future of HiFi support for Apple Music were discovered in the iOS 14.6 Beta update released in the past weeks. Today, it turned out that a number of features have been tested on the Android version of the Apple Music application, showing that there are lossless sounds. All these leaks indicate that Apple will launch its HiFi service soon.

Apple Music HiFi will offer lossless sounds

Apple Music app currently offers two options, high quality and low data usage. With these options, you can use the “data saving” feature for the application to use less data in places where there is no Wi-Fi. However, a new function for high quality sounds will be added in the near future.

Information discovered in Apple Music Android 3.6 indicates that high-quality audio streaming and download options will come in the coming days. As all leaks continue to chase down all the leaks about this feature, new information has now emerged showing how much data and storage space the application can use.

First of all, it’s worth noting that lossless audio files store every detail of the original file. Therefore, we can easily say that internet consumption will increase twice compared to the past.

For example, 10 GB of space for lossless audio files is approximately; It can store 3000 high-quality songs, 1000 lossless songs, and 200 high-resolution lossless songs. Lossless songs played with high volume, as you can see, can only contain 200 songs in 10 GB space.

In terms of data consumption, it is said that the three-minute lossless song will consume 145 MB of data. This will definitely be a disadvantage for a person using mobile data. Because when you try to listen to several songs repeatedly, a lot of data will be spent from your internet package. However, you can use this feature in an environment where WiFi is used.

Apple Music application will soon feature this feature; It will bring it for both iOS and Android platform. It will provide users with the best singing experience with the necessary subscriptions on both sides.


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