Apple Music for Android Should Also Win HiFi Version


Apple Music for Android should also gain an option of modality to listen to songs in HiFi, as well as the launch of the feature for iOS is being considered. The possibility was reported by 9to5Google, which discovered the novelty in the beta of the app.

By decompiling the latest test version of Apple’s music streaming to Google’s system, the site found evidence of the possible arrival of high-fidelity audio in the application’s codes. According to the publication, there are mentions of two alternatives of lossless reproduction (without loss of quality).

If this is confirmed, users will be able to choose between “Lossless” and “High-Res Lossless”, which will join the already existing high quality and data saving modalities. The vehicle also found alerts on the increased consumption of data and storage space when triggering the HiFi audio.

The lossless sound options found on Apple Music 3.6.0 Beta on Android are different from those available on Apple Music 14.6 Beta on iOS. In the Apple system, support for Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos technologies appears, while in the first there are only the modalities mentioned above.


HiFi audio should not be the only novelty in the next version of the platform for Android, The streaming app will also gain animated art, with new visuals for curated mixes and some albums, according to Android Police.

These animated banners can be found on stations managed by Apple itself within the app. In the case of albums, the Daddy’s Home album by singer St. Vincent is one of those that will receive the new art.

The lossless audio modality for both versions of Apple Music can be presented next Tuesday (18) along with other audio news, including the launch of AirPods 3.


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