Apple Music announces its new collection


As the whole world, we are going through an interesting period. Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable activities we can do to feel good in this period, where we often have to spend time in our homes. With its new collection, Apple Music offers brand-new playlists to suit your situation, to help you relax and find motivation and focus, or to accompany only the dances you try to get all this out of your head. Apple Music Together Stronger collection has been released.

Apple Music says ‘Stronger Together’ with its new collection
While working at home, living and playing games, or trying to find a positive outlook during this turbulent period of your life, dealing with music can offer an escape and salvation for both you and your people. Apple Music Together Stronger collection is also ideal for those who want to find the motivation they are looking for in music.

Romantic R&B Hits That Melt Ice – Sometimes you can only understand the meaning that someone carries for you under difficult conditions. So how can you express your feelings without confusing the person in front of you? Maybe music can help.

Enjoying Home Work with R&B and Hip Hop – It is not always easy to get motivation for lucky people who can work remotely. Fortunately, wherever we are, we have hip hop songs that inspire us to achieve our goal. You’ll find the motivation you need to keep your business at home with the songs of Drake, Kanye West and Ace Hood.

Raise Your Energy with Love-filled Pop Songs – Sometimes you may want to find morale by silencing all the sounds coming from outside and feeling that you are really loved. Especially at times like this. With these amazing pop songs, which are sometimes high-paced but always bringing your day to life, you can leave yourself to warm and cheerful melodies wherever you are in isolation in the world.

Hip Hop Rhythms in Her School at Home – It is quite easy to set aside assignments completely during this period when schools are closed and education continues at home. Light pace nostalgic hip hop and electronic rhythms from KAYTRANADA, Pueblo Vista and many more artists will help you study. Because a rhythm that accompanies you in the background will never hurt.

Dance Party in the Living Room – The best part of having a dance party in your living room is that you can do it with your family or alone. You don’t even need a living room for this. With Tones and I, Maren Morris and other stars that will make you feel good, turn your location into a Saturday night party suitable for maintaining social distance.

Astral Journey Accompanied by R&B and Indie – You may be closed at home, but there are other ways to go on a journey. This impressive playlist, consisting of the visionary names of electronics, indie and R&B world like Flying Lotus and Tame Impala, will take you far away even if you will not leave home for a while.

Convert Social Distance to Party – A strong refrain can help us get closer to each other by making us feel the hardest thing even though we stay in our homes, miles away from each other nowadays. Full of hit songs that appeal to the whole family, this playlist will turn all living rooms into a concert venue.

On the Bring Your Gym Home list, it offers full lists that will motivate those who continue to practice with either cardio, yoga or dance at home.

In addition, the Family Fun lists, where the whole family can have a good time together, include Pop, children’s songs, family dance party, video clips for children, music from children’s favorite movies and series, Disney lists and even lullabies.

Playlists also increased
For those who want to pay attention to their work or new hobby or learning at home, while studying at the Home Focusing Time collection, there are Peaceful Music, Relax with Jazz, Library Selection, 100 percent Concentration and calm lists suitable for your favorite music genres.

For students who continue their education in their homes, Lesson Study Time, Lesson Time at Home, Head Comforting songs are also some of the list selections in the Stronger Together collection.

The playlists in the Stronger Room with rich music lists, video clips you can’t get enough of watching and more will be updated regularly. You can reach the room from here.

In addition to these, two more playlists were presented. One of them is Take Action! Mix, and the other is Pop Wind at Home Office. Move on! Miks comes up with songs that make you happy and smile. On the other list are the pieces of artists such as The Weeknd, Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran.


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