Apple Music Activates Behind The Songs


Apple Music continues to be user-friendly with its content that is renewed every day. With its project named Behind The Songs, it will now offer a brand new experience for songwriters, producers and seasonal musicians.

We have started to get quite familiar with Behind The Songs content recently. Many music companies offered content about how trending songs were created, and they were publishing them especially on “Youtube”. Apple Music has also decided to integrate this concept.

An interface where you can find all the songs belonging to the songwriter of a song you love very much can offer a great experience, again, the source of great songs can be the same studio. While it was quite difficult to find a portal where you can apply such filters before, now you will be able to do all of them through Apple Music.

Subscription to studios, songwriters and seasonal musicians

Original Apple Music content such as Lyrics To Live By and Song Stories will also be active in “Behind The Songs,” a shared space for songwriters, producers and broadcasters. With Behind The Songs, you will be able to search for lyrics, production studio, broadcasting company, listen to the songs from these, and participate in the video content and editorial features.

With this project, which was created in partnership with Ivors Academy, you will have more detailed information about the many names behind the songs. It is certain that the Ivors Academy, which represents the songwriters and composers of the UK and Ireland and organizes the “Ivors” award ceremony every year, has a lot of work in this regard. Rising Star Award With Apple Music awards will also be published on the platform. (To be announced on July 27, 2021)


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