Apple moves executives to mysterious project


Apple has made a change to the company’s executive board that could mean a breakthrough in one of the company’s “mysterious” projects.

The change is the departure of Dan Riccio from the position of senior vice president of hardware engineering, a position he has held since 2012. The new occupant of the chair is John Ternus, who was also in the area of ​​hardware engineering and led the responsible teams for the iPhone 12 and the Apple M1 chips. He will now report directly to the CEO, Tim Cook.

Only Riccio was not fired or asked to leave. In fact, he was moved to head a “new project” that had no details disclosed.

“Next, I’m looking forward to doing what I love most, which is to focus all my time and energy on Apple to create something new and wonderful, which I couldn’t be less excited about,” the executive told the official website.

What will it be?

According to The Verge, it is possible that Riccio is the newest leader of the team responsible for Apple’s electric car project – which may or may not be autonomous and must be manufactured by Kia Motors.

The clue is that the term “new future project” was also used for the former job holder, now retired Bob Mansfield, who in 2012 started working on the company’s autonomous car project.

Another possibility is that the executive will have the final say in Apple’s Virtual Reality glasses, scheduled for launch in 2022.

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